Founded in 2015 by Andy B, Envision Empire, is a new eSports organization in North America. Our goal is to provide support to our athletes, allowing them to maintain/create a career in professional gaming.

At the same time, we are emotionally invested in the growth of eSports and hope to contribute to it's rapidly excelling growth.

Currently competing in Call Of Duty with our top 2 teams. We are actively exploring expanding into more games, with focuses on the more popular games such

as Halo, Counter Strike: Global Offence, Gears Of War, Overwatch, and more. Only being a year old, our team at Envision is extremely proud of our growth. We are trying to

established a loyal fan base and in this year we will do our best to entertain and get the gold at any tournements we go to.



Win gold at tournements

Create the best content for people to watch

Work hard as a team and create a fan base